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RunLites Sponsors John Uehling in Oil Creek 100

RunLites Sponsors John Uehling in Oil Creek 100

by Mary Tiffin | | | 0 Comments

RunLites sponsored John Uehling in the Oil Creek 100. The Oil Creek 100 Trail Runs attract hundreds of competitors from the United States and Canada. The races are a combination of running, hiking and ultra-endurance. This year 296 competitors completed one of three distances during a 32-hour period Oct. 10-11 on the scenic Gerard Hiking Trail of Oil Creek State Park. Nicholas Kopp, a 23-year-old from Puyallup, Wash., won the 100-mile event in 17 hours, 4 minutes, 50.60 seconds, a pace of 10 minutes, 15 seconds per mile.

Our John Uehling, 55 of Mifflinburg came in an impressive 21st place, with a time of 25 hours 50 minutes:12.30.

Congrats John!